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Is it Time for Your Daughter’s First Visit to the Gynecologist?

Having 2 young daughters myself, this is a question that scares even me.  The fact is, puberty is happened earlier than ever for most girls.  The average age of the first menstrual cycle is down to 12!  Not to mention that your kids hear A LOT about sex and sexuality both at school and on […]

Sleep Problems

The Evening Routine You know the picture, smiling parents reading a book to their happy child adorned in new pajamas.  That is the dream of a calm evening leading into peaceful sleep.  Then there’s the reality, homework, dinner, clean up, TV, phone then commanding kids to finally turn off their lights and go to sleep.  […]


By now most of us have heard of the Zika virus. Briefly, Zika is a virus spread by common mosquitoes. In healthy adults, symptoms include mild fever, a rash, joint pain and eye irritation. Symptoms usually last 1-2 weeks and there are no long term effects. It has recently been suggested that the Zika virus […]


Hello and welcome to our new blog!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I was born in Chalmette, Louisiana.  My father worked for Kaiser Aluminum so we moved around a lot growing up.  From Africa to the Caribbean, we lived just about […]

Our New Blog!

Our blog has recently been set up. Please check back soon!