Is it Time for Your Daughter’s First Visit to the Gynecologist?

Teen girl

Having 2 young daughters myself, this is a question that scares even me.  The fact is, puberty is happened earlier than ever for most girls.  The average age of the first menstrual cycle is down to 12!  Not to mention that your kids hear A LOT about sex and sexuality both at school and on the news.  It is recommended that healthy girls have their first visit with a Gynecologist between ages 13 and 15.

Unless your child is experiencing problems, the first visit should be a simple discussion.  I prefer to skip the exam altogether until the second visit so we can get to know each other.


Our three principles of the initial visit are Inform, Prevent, and Treat.


Educate children about body changes, menstruation, and boundaries in intimate relationships


Avoid illness (both sexual and nonsexual) and prevent unplanned pregnancies


Address any issues regarding health, development, or family history of conditions affecting reproduction

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